Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homophobia & McCarthyism

The basic idea in comparing these two variables is rather simple. When logical people argue that those of lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender agendas should have rights often times they are abruptly as well as irrationally labeled as one of said agendas. This concept of wrongful accusations is not unlike that of what we saw in the 1950’s when the people’s fear of Communism outweighed their rational thought process. Basically people were accused of being Communists without any basis of fact or even reasonable suspicion. Those who spoke up against it and suggested we stop the irrational behavior were labeled as a Communist themselves. This stopped people from trying to change the situation despite any objections they might have to it. There was a movie made,The Crucible, it was about the Salem Witch Trials and how they had done the same thing then that we were doing now. And in today’s society we are doing it again: Irrationally labeling those who fight for the rights of non-heterosexual citizens. We must learn from our history or else our future is predetermined. For we won’t be moving forward, but merely repeating what has already been done. Don’t repeat history. Fight for human rights.

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