Sunday, January 9, 2011

The future.

So, today I feel happy. I can't quite figure out why, it could be because I get to see Destany tomorrow which makes me rather happy to think about. I really have no other reason to be happy because I actually really miss her right now. I keep taking out that piece of paper she gave me, makes me smile every time. I hate being home, mainly because I hate being in the same house as my family. I can't wait until we graduate, we can go to New York and get married and live our lives together forever. Our wedding will be amazing, we shall get married in a cemetery at night and the starts will be out. Then, half way through it will start raining and then he will say you may kiss the bride, and I will. and. and then we will go off and go to our hotel room and have the best night ever.  We will sit in the hot tub watching Tim Burton movies the entire night. =D It will be amazing. Then later in our lives we will have kids and they will be awesome. I can't wait until someday. =]

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