Sunday, January 16, 2011

Story Time! =D

Okay, random story from my childhood. =]

Background: I was about 6, my older brother was about 9 or 10. Anyway, we have an aunt in Orange County. Her name is Aunt Vicky and she is the typical aunt you see in the movies, you walk up to her and she pinches your cheeks and says "You're so cute!" So, thats all you really need to know for this story and thats all I really know, we don't see her a lot.

So, we were going down to visit her and I, at the time looked up to my older brother Nick, like any little brother would at that age. Nick, decided to come up with a plan: When she opens the door and comes down to pinch are cheeks we run. So I was like okay, thats a good idea because neither of us liked that.
We arrive at her house, my mom knocks on the door and she opens it. Nick and I were standing in front of my mom who was holding are baby brother. She opened it and saw me right away. I saw those claws coming at me and as she started to say " You're so.." I ran under her arm and left Nick standing there in shock and my mother standing there in confusion. Then she moved on to Nick and he wasn't as rebellious as me, he didn't fallow through, he ended up with red cheeks. =]

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