Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Well hello! I fear time has gotten away from me and we haven't talked in quite sometime. So! I have decided to write about some stuff that's been going on.

First thing on my mind is Nowhere Girl by B-Movie, look it up.

Next, would be Friday. Friday? No, Thursday, I do apologize. Anyway, Thursday I decided to wear the jacket I almost always wear. The sleeves are torn off, It has a Ramones patch pinned/studded to the back and a shit ton of buttons involving Zombies, The Misfits, Ska, and so on. (I realize at this point in time what I was wearing just seems insignificant, but it is just bare with me.) Anyway, this particular Thursday I decided to wear an old Ramones shirt that I cut the sleeves off of so my arms were showing which isn't normal for me because I have scars from when I used to cut. I regret it, and I did stop quite some time ago actually but I hadn't thought about the scars when I got dressed. Hadn't thought about them all day actually until sixth period my teacher was handing out some worksheet I'm probably suppose to do and when he got to me he looked at the scars, looked back at me and had the most judgmental look on his face like I was nothing. I just looked back at him with that "What the fuck are you looking at" look we all know so well.

I'm tired of bitching about this, or bitching in general for that matter, lets find something new to post about.

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