Thursday, September 29, 2011

My incredibly shitty day. Enjoy.

Well my day started off as usual and got progressively worse. I swear there was a curse placed upon me. It wasn't actually today, it was yesterday and it went something like this:

I woke up and went to school, simple enough.

1st: period, nothing happened worth remembering.

2nd: Same.

3rd: Same.

4th: Same.

5th: Same.

6th: Same.

7th: Sa- OH! Wait, no. Here's where things get interesting, or rather shitty. The one day I choose to dress out for P.E. it happens. I put my bag on top of the lockers, put my pants with it, my phone, and my iPod. Now, mind you I'm standing not even two feet away. I sit down on the bench that's still less than two feet away and when I stand back up my iPod is gone. Fuck people. That's what I get for dressing out.

Okay, things can't really get worse it's already pretty shitty, right? Yeah, no. I got on the bus to go home and call my grandma at the bus stop, her car won't start. So I was stuck there for a while and I finally just decided to walk home. I walked up the road and my friend gave me a ride to the end of the road, she was going right I was going left. So I got out and started walking, actually I had a skateboard so I was skating. I got to the elementary school and my Aunt pulled up so I got a ride the rest of the way. Not so bad.

I get home, sit down at the computer and find there are ants crawling all over the keyboard and on my arms biting me. Again, can't get much worse, right?

Later my mom leaves to go to the local bar and I was alone with my little brother. I walked into the kitchen and then headed to the bathroom. Slipped and fell back into the toilet. The tank thing on the back, yeah it shattered. The water spilled everywhere and then the water started shooting out of the pipe because the valve wasn't off yet and it flooded the bathroom. Luckily I got the water shutoff and cleaned up the mess. Meanwhile my little brother went back to play video games. Just wait, it get's better.

After the toilet tank shattered my brother had come to the door and once I shut off the water I noticed there was blood all over my hand. I washed it in the sink and found no cuts or anything. My brother sarcastically made a comment saying "maybe it's your butt" I remembered hitting it and so I turned it toward the mirror to find a big hole in my boxers (because I wasn't wearing pants) and opened it a bit to find a gnarly gash. My brother flipped out, screamed like a little girl, and ran to the living room. That's when he sat back down to play games and left me to clean up the mess even though there was blood dripping down my leg and he knew it hurt like hell.He's selfish, I'm used to it. My mom wouldn't answer her phone so I finally called her boyfriend and he had her call me. They came home a bit later, maybe 20 - 30 minutes and I ended my night going to the hospital getting stitches in my ass. Luckily I have a sense of humor and made all the people in the hospital laugh while they were dealing with my ass which was still gushing blood after an hour and a half or so. I stood up and there was blood on the chair in the waiting room so I was like "GAH! They're all gonna think I'm on my period!" The doctors/nurses all laughed the entire time and cracked jokes back, fun group. Hopefully I made their night better. I left at one in the morning but on the way there I got a chocolate muffin and that was the highlight of my day. Now I have stitches in my ass and it kinda hurts, but I'm okay. It's not big, just really deep. Gah. I'm done typing. And feel free to send me money to put towards a new iPod because now I'm using a walkman, yeah, that thing that plays cassette tapes and radio stations, it's all I have and the only stations that come in clear here are Spanish stations or country, fuck the mountains. I'm starting to miss my iPod.

See ya, hope this made your night slightly more entertaining.

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