Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, Destany told me to write a poem about bunnies so thats just what I plan to do. =] 

The vicious side of bunnies
is what we don't see.
I will tell you my story
of when the bunnies attacked me.

Walking down a road
innocent and free.
little did I know,
the bunnies were behind me.

They jumped out

with sharp teeth and red eyes.
Said they wouldn't hurt me,

but I found out those were lies.

On the count of 3
they screamed "attack!"
Ate my face
and jumped on my back.

Now I'm in the hospital
barely holding on.
Those damn bunnies got me
On the road I walked upon.

And as I lay in the hospital
about to die.
I saw a bunny in the window
and then came the lie.

Again he said
he wouldn't harm me,
but I knew better this time.
So I tried to break free.

But before I could leave 
the bunnies attacked
and from the last encounter
it was strength I lacked.

They left me dying
and as I bled out on the floor
I watched the bunnies
walk one by one out the door.

I died that night.
It's my favorite story to tell,
but as I speak this story. 
I am speaking from hell.

It's hot down here.
It's dark and scary too.
So watch out for the bunnies,
I am warning you.

They may look cute,
but really they're set to kill.
You may think they won't attack you,
but trust me, they will...

How was that hun? =D

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  1. That was the best poem I have ever read! <3 I love it(: Love youu.