Tuesday, December 21, 2010

-Missing You-

With closed eyes I weep for you.
Helpless and alone, there is nothing I can do.
Not even the darkest whisper to hear.
This rotting promise I fear.
Because without you by my side,
I feel as though I've died.
Corroding and breaking.
Emotionally faking
As this feeling of sorrow
awaits the morrow.
Come the haunting thought.
A temptation long fought. 
This blood stained blade
offering a dark trade.
But I must try to ignore
this offer I adore.
For an ounce of pain in your eyes
makes me want to die
and knowing the fault is mine
it's impossible to be fine.
So I decline this offer I will later regret
No need to worry, no need to fret.
My heart is your forever more,
I let you in and I shut the door. 
I will not break this promise I made.
The words I said will never fade.
But missing you is the hardest thing to do
because I am so terribly in love with you.

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