Friday, December 17, 2010

An Update

I haven't written in a while so here is just an update to everything in my life. Currently, I'm writing a new song on the guitar... well, currently I'm writing this blog post, but i'm in the process of writing a new song. =] Today was a great day, it was Friday and it's finals week so I was in p.e. with Destany for 2 hours which ended up being pretty great. =] For some reason our final was to learn how to swing dance which sounded terrible and honestly I was quite afraid when I found that out because I don't dance, but it turned out pretty fun in all honesty. I was just screwing around and having fun and surprisingly, I was actually dancing O.o so yeah, and after we were done learning everything I went over to the most beautiful girl in the room who just so happens to be the love of my life. =] We danced and I kissed her and made her smile her beautiful smile and laugh her amazing laugh. Then we almost missed the bus, well, she almost missed the bus. I really did miss the bus. It turned out to be a pretty amazing day. =] 

Then after school I was still in a rather good mood, I sent her a message and when I got to town I realized she doesn't have her phone and I realized I won't see her for two weeks so I got rather depressed. I was with Natalya, Sarah, and Michael for a while, it was kind of boring. Then Michael left and shortly after Natalya and Sarah went to Natalya's house, I could have gone but I really wasn't in the mood to be with anyone. Like I said, I was rather depressed. So after they all left I walked to the cemetery, it was pretty because it was raining but I couldn't go sit in the grass because it was completely wet so I walked into the little church there and sat in the bench. It was cold but it was quiet so I was content. Thats really all that happened.. so yeah thats an update to my life right now.

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