Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There lies a mirror
for you and for me.
A mirror for everyone
reflecting truth to see.

A mirror for the beautiful.
A mirror for the damned.

A mirror for the demons
and a mirror where I stand. 

And in this mirror I can see
My fingers laced with blood
My emotions as vacant as the sea.
and my wrists they slowly flood.

Then I realize,

in this mirror I can see,
This rotting corpse,
is but a future me.

I feel the end is nearer 
than the future could ever come.
In silence I begin to hear,
the slowing beat of a drum.

Soon the tempting blade
winds up back in my hand.
These choices I have made
were never what I planned.

And just moments later,
I lie still on my bed.
with a vacant glare
and wrists flooded red.

These mirrors were the death of me
The future to grim to see.
Tis a future I never want to live.
Tis the future of me.

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