Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Lets see, my day consisted of getting a hair cut and being stuck in town for a while. So what do I do? Go over to starbucks and get a double chocolate chip frappachino, duh! And what better place to drink it then the cemetery conveniently placed about 100 feet away! Anyway, after that I walked around a while searching hopelessly for Destany on the slight chance that she was in town. She wasn't -_- So I went to Raley's and got an Arizona tea then headed over to meet with some friends. It was Amy, Allison, Danielle, Bridgette, Austin Wyrick, Jacob Neilson, and yeah. They were going to Raley's so I walked back there and got another tea. By this point I had had a starbucks, and two teas so I was super hyper. Then Amy, Bridgette, and Allison left which means it was just Danielle and I and Jacob Neilson and Austin Wyrick. Austin was only there because he wants to get in Bridgette's pants so once she left the other boys left leaving just me and Danielle. (I take back my earlier statement, THIS is when I got the second tea because I got one for Danielle too) So we hung out in the little coffee shop place for a while until our rides showed up, conveniently at the same time. Then I stole a Doughnut.. so I was extremely hyper and felt like I was gonna puke. That was my day, fun eh? Yeah(:

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