Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yet another adventure in the land of McDonalds

For the past few days some lads from corporate, supervisors I believe have been coming up to see how we're doing. The first time was yesterday, some guy came in; Didn't say much but he was leaving as I was starting so I didn't think much of it. Today I was starting as a different supervisor was observing/working with us. He was terrible at working, couldn't keep up with a damn thing. Anyway, as I started I was still in the box making waters/tea/bagging food/making fries/handing shit out and I heard him talking to one of my managers looking right at me and say "What's his name?" my manager told him my names was Jacob. He asked how long I'd been working there and after my manager told him he said "He's smug" then my manager said "Yes, very smug" I was ready to punch the guy in the face because I know he knew I could hear him. About a minute later he walked over to me and said "Do you know what you're doing?" In a smug voice and I said "Yup" in an unamused way without looking at him. He said good and told me to clean up something. What I REALLY wanted to say was "Yeah, do you know what YOU'RE doing?" Because like I said he was an idiot who couldn't keep up. Damn I hate that guy. Fuck corporate.

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