Monday, August 8, 2011


Well I started my job at McDonalds (I'm fairly certain I mentioned this already). Anyway I have a bit of a story for all you friends and foes out there; Enjoy.

Okay, so yesterday I was working and got an order for Mcflurry's. Simple enough. Grab cup, fill with ice cream, insert M&M's. Here's the fun part: I grabbed the spoon and hooked it up to the blender machine (It spins the spoon around and mixes the ice cream). Now this particular Flurry was overflown with ice cream so the lid wasn't on completely (However I did not know this at the time.) So I turned on the machine and to my surprise the lid pops off and starts spinning obnoxiously around on the spoon and the ice cream spit everywhere. Basically all you have to do is imagine a blender full of ice cream without a lid.. but you don't have to worry, the ice cream didn't get everywhere.. I blocked it all with my body/face It was wonderful.. just peachy.

Later I told my manager about this ice cream fiasco because we're actually becoming good friends and he said "Oh you got snowballed by the Flurry machine? It's the worst isn't it" Hence the title 'Snowballed.'

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