Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running from trouble.

I told you I'd post parts 2 - 4 but I lost interest and decided to not. Deal with it.

Anyway, First week of school I've already gotten Saturday school twice AND I got out of it both times. Quite complex, I'll explain.

First time: 7th period gym. There is two classes and when we split up halfway through I ditched my class and went with the other because, well, Destany is in the class and yeah you get it. Anyway somehow they caught me and called it ditching, which it was I'll admit. I told them I was confused as to where I was suppose to be, lied my tits off to them and got out of it. My teacher made me run a badger which is an insane lap around this dirt trail overgrown with weeds and it's just really shitty, but I did it. Simple enough.

Second time: Yesterday. Let me start by saying I got kicked out of geometry, not for the day, for the year. I made the teacher hate me so much the first week he dropped me from the class. So, I walked in Monday and he said go to the office and switch classes, I did. I walked to the office and they told me the councilors were in a meeting and wouldn't be able to see me. So technically I'm suppose to go back to my geometry class, but knowing me, I didn't. My train of thought was "The teacher thinks I'm in the office and the office thinks I'm with my teacher.. Interesting.. *Evil grin*" But I really didn't do anything bad, I went to Mr. Rich's class, he was on his prep period so he was just hanging out there. I did my history homework and was there the whole time. Anyway, somehow, I don't know how but they caught me again. They called me up at lunch today and made me sit there through lunch and half of sixth period waiting to talk to Adney, the vice principal. So finally I went back there to her office and told her I was in Riches and I wasn't sure if I was allowed back in Geometry. She sent me to talk to Kernaghan, my geometry teacher and explain to him what happened. I did though I hate that prick he told me I have to go to Rich and get him to write a note saying I was with him (to verify I wasn't off smoking pot or whatever) So I did and I took the note to the office. Then they sent me back to Kernaghan to get him to sign a different piece of paper verifying that he was okay with me getting out of trouble. To my surprise he did and I was off the hook. I took it to the office and made it to gym on time.

I feel productive, had a good day. Although this is rather routine for me. All within the first week, that's a new record for me! I'm so proud.

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