Monday, August 1, 2011

A victim of society conforming to the system

Well, today was my first day of work which sounds all fancy and rad but it's just McDonalds. What's a 15 year old kid to do other than work at a fast food joint until he gets the hell out of this shit-hole town? Anyway, I got there and the girl in charge of training took me behind the counter and showed me around. Then showed me the break room that nobody goes to on breaks and then I took yet another training course in the back office (The first one I took was to get my food handlers certificate. That one was 2 hours and all common sense. Plus it cost 13.50). Then after taking the training course which was a little over an hour they put me to work at the third drive-through window which basically means I make drinks and give the orders out. But that's not even the worst part... I have to smile! Yes actually smile and wish them a great day. Even if the people are total ass holes! I mean what the fuck?! Anyway, the girl who trained me was helping me through all this. She was actually pretty rad; she was really nice.
I would love to eventually work in a cafe or something a little slower paced because it's so hectic there and crowded. But it's still money, although I'm underage so the top pay I can make right now is $500 a month, but even still that's enough to get a new skateboard (Mine just pretty much broke today) and take Destany out from time to time (though it's hard not being able to drive). Anyway, it should work for a while until I can start making more and then I can move away.

So, on another topic, how are you? Yes you reading my rambles, I want to know how you are. So answer dammit! Okay, I shall be leaving now. So, I bid thee farewell and all that jazz. See ya!

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