Friday, July 29, 2011

Adolf Hitler: Unfathomably brilliant.

You would have to be blind, ignorant, uneducated and mindless to not realize the potential Adolf Hitler had, the brilliance of his mind (which is beguiling; nearly unfathomable even) and the drive in his heart;the motivation and persistence he withheld. You people are simply blinded by the blood shed and torture so many had endured. You must look past that, I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong, because yes, it was. However, Adolf Hitler was truly a genius when it came to public speaking, manipulating, and even brainwashing in a sense. But in the end, this man born with such impossible intelligence used that knowledge for a terrible cause, but despite the way he used his intelligence, it was still intelligence none the less and Adolf Hitler was a genius.

P.S. It makes you think if there was a God, he must have been on vacation during the holocaust (and so many other terrible events that have occurred in history and are occurring as I write this.) But that’s a completely different topic.


  1. It's often been debated that if it wasn't for his extensive crimes against humanity, Hitler had the potential to be viewed as one of (if not THE) greatest leader of all mankind.

    However, that whole - you know - raging psychopath thing tends to put a damper on things. Nevertheless, the man basically rebuilt Germany, and if it wasn't for him, I'm not sure if the country could have been able to overcome the economic disaster it found itself in after WWI.

  2. Indeed. I often wonder where we would be if he had put his endless knowledge of leadership towards a better plan; one that didn't involve brutally murdering so many innocent people.