Sunday, July 17, 2011

Leave me, Leave me, Leave me, Leave me, Leave me alone.

Well, I don't have anything significant to post. Just feel like writing whatever comes to mind. We have weird conversations. Last night. Destany and I were talking as always and despite how much we talk, we never run out of interesting things to say. Weird things to talk about, but entertaining none the less. Let's see, we covered what musician we'd sleep with, we figured out if the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood was the same wolf in The Three Little Pigs. It's not. We learned that Dez may or may not have a slight case of Narcolepsy, Learned how many guys Destany sleeps with to make as much money as she does, learned I could get one free night with her, (<-- Joking...... all my nights are free!) She's not really a whore so back the fuck off!! All though, if she was a whore it would look something like this -->

I love this picture! =D
And I love her.
Not her ^^^^^^
Not the one on the bed.
I love Destany Dammit!

We talked about what movie character she would be, she found out if I'm wearing socks, we found out if we wear socks to bed (And really what we were to bed in general.), how many jeans I own, How I got a gaping hole in the crotch of my jeans, we discussed oral sex and would we do it to ourselves if possible, (Yes I realize things got awkward, it was fun =]) Then we talked about masturbation. Again, awkward. Luckily, I never feel awkward, I just laugh when she gets all awkward and red and stutterey =]

Anyway, that was the highlight of my day.
Pathetic, yes I realize.
It's not really pathetic.
You'd understand if you knew her like I do.
Talking to her would be the highlight of your day too..

My brother is moving out Tuesday. It's gonna be lame. Everyone's gonna be crying and I'm just gonna be on the computer playing games -_- I realize I'm a nerd.. He's moving 45 minutes away and he's never home anyway. The only difference is I won't see him when he comes home late at night and I'm still up, we won't be able to talk anymore like we used too (We talk a lot.. well, we used to. Ever since we shared a room when we were kids we got really close. But as we grew up we both changed, grew apart. However we do still have late night conversations sometimes.. you'd have to be there to understand. I guess I'm gonna miss those. Whatever, I don't care.) So, that's what's going on.

I'm also writing a story, it's 8756 words at the moment and rapidly growing. maybe I'll upload it sometime.. or not. Bitches! Destany's the only one that get's to read my shit =D She's just specialer and prettier than all of you. So.. you sir, can suck it. But thanks for reading all this I do appreciate it. You may not be specialer or prettier but you're still my best friend.. even though I have no idea who you are or if anyone really is there... well then.. I'm just.. gonna.. shut up now..

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