Wednesday, July 6, 2011

And so we hold each other tightly and we can't wait until tomorrow.

Countless sleepless nights have finally fucked me over. After a while the days start to run togeth.. I spent the entire day thinking today is the 7th when in all actuality today is the 6th. Now you're probably thinking "What's the big deal?" Well, the 7th is 6 months for me and Destany. I was suppose to call her and I called 3 times today and got answering machine every time (Because she is grounded and her mom is only letting her use the phone on our anniversary). Then my mom got home and said tomorrow was Thursday, I suddenly had a moment where I realized my stupidity and I immediately sent Dez a text explaining the situation as summarized as possible. I believe my message read "I spent the entire day thinking today was the 7th -_-"  So, That's the whole story. I'm quite ashamed and I feel rather foolish.

On another note, my mom's boyfriend brought over the PA system for that party (I think I already wrote about that) and it's still here.. I've been singing. I never thought I was good but everyone says I am. Who knows? Maybe I'll sing to Dez if she comes over. Anything could happen =]

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