Friday, June 17, 2011

Fuck father's day. I don't know what it is about being intoxicated that makes me want to blog. Back to my original point. Fuck father's day. I walked out and heard my older brother and my mom talking about going to breakfast sunday and at this point I wasn't sure what Sunday was. I asked why and she said "Because it's fun" Because it's fun? We never go to breakfast. Fuck breakfast. I'm pissed tonight. I asked what the occasion was and she said "well it is father's day.." Oh THANK YOU! Let's Go To BRREAKfast to reMIND me that my fucking father was a douche bag who walked out on us by commitign fucking suicide. I'm sorry dad, I guess someone should have told you down the road you'd have to choose between your kids and your drugs. FUCK YOU! I don't know if I really hate him, but I find it easier to be pissed off then depressed. So my above statement stands. Fuck You Dad! I'm fucking glad you're gone you selfish son of a bitch. Okay. I had something else to write about. What the fuck? I can't recall.. -_-

I've become pissed off recently. I can't stop reading that email.. and everytime I do I get infuriated adn one day. I'm gonna take out that rage on the person who eventually wrote it. You see I'm building up anger and storing it for a rainy day. And by rainy day I mean the day I run into the bastard. The day I'm arrested for slitting his throat. The day I tear his fucking eyes out with my hands. The day I stab him repeatedly. I need to release the anger from the words. The vile words repeating in my head. The immense hatred I feel is unbearable, explainable I can't.. I forgot the rest of that thought. Anyway, Just know I hate you bitch and someday I will slit your throat. I should probably be careful what I write, eh? I don't even think or know if I should even post this shit. Fuck you! I don't give a shit anymore.. about anythign. Fuck my life. I just don't fucking know where I am or where I'm meant t obe or where I want to be. Well, I know where I want to be, I want t obe in San Diego, right now, with my cousins. I wanna go there overf summer. Hell I wanna go there forever. Fuck. It'll never happen. I'm stuck in this Hell hole.

I don't wanna do anything for Fathers day. Why should I? Father's day is a day made to celebrate fathers everywhere. So lets go down the check list..
Am I a father... Fuck No
Do I have a father.. Fuck No
Do I have a father figure.. Fuck No,
So why the fuck should I celebrate? Fuck that shit, I'm not going to breakfast. They can fucking go without me. We used to celebrate with my grandpa.. but you know what? He's a jack ass. He doesn't care about us why should he? In his eyes I'm just a Satan worshiper because I don't believe in a God. Fuck YOu! Okay? Just because I don't need your imaginary friend to help me get through life, doesn't mean I'm a terrible person. I'm a terrile person for other reasons. Fuck,. I'm a terrible person. Fuck this shit, I'm out. See ya.

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