Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sex and dying in a high society.

Okay, so for some reason 16 And Pregnant is on my TV at the moment and I started watching it. It just got me thinking about what would happen if Destany got pregnant. I guess it's kind of a personal topic but I'm pretty sure she's the only one who reads this. So, I guess if she got pregnant there are a lot of pros and a lot of cons. I'll try to make this simple..


1. The chances of us being together 'til death become higher than they already are.
2. We would probably move in together once the baby's born.
3. We'd be closer emotionally. (If that makes sense)
4. When the kid get's older we'd still be young
5. We would have a kid, a family.
6. We'd be happy..


1. We'd probably both get kicked out.
2. We have no money to take care of the child..
3. If for some reason someone wanted to leave the other one, they couldn't.
4. We probably wouldn't graduate.
5. Wouldn't be able to live our life. (Meaning we'd HAVE to take care of the baby 24/7)

I guess, either way it's about the same.. I mean, if we got kicked out we'd probably lose the child to CPS. But someone would take us in.. right? If her mom wouldn't, my mom probably would and if my mom wouldn't her mom probably would. If not I'm sure there's someone. My cousins would, I know they would. The we'd move to San Diego which we were planning on doing anyway.. Interesting. I guess it would be like skipping ahead in time. into where we would be around 30, but we'd be 16.. so we lose out on our 20's life style, but we'd also get out of this Hell called being a teenager.. It's interesting to think about. If we would for sure move to San Diego with my cousins. I wouldn't mind at all..

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