Sunday, June 26, 2011

What is on my mind.. well, today my mom's been gone all day and I've been fighting the temptation to leave the house and go to Destany's house. It's a 4 hour walk on a rather dangerous road and I would do it in a second if I knew I wouldn't get caught.. I could go over there, climb through her window and who knows what would happen, it doesn't matter because that's between me and her. So fuck off. It's too late to go now which is rather disappointing.. although, I've often thought about running away from home and just chilling in her closet all summer. =] It could happen.

I just watched Easy A. Destany told me to watch it forever ago and I had wanted to see it for quite some time, so I finally watched it. Best movie ever, well, one of 'em. If you haven't seen it you should definitely go watch it because it's a pretty awesome movie. =] 

I wish Dest was here right now. Honestly, I've only seen her once this summer and if we're being completely honest I miss her. But I don't want to bitch to the world about my petty problems because there is someone out there trying to deal with a much worse problem. So, I try to keep to myself. The moral here: Stop your bitching and get a grip. I hate seeing people all over facebook when they do shit like this:

June 1st: Slutty Bitch is in a relationship
June 2nd: Slutty Bitch says: I LOOOOOOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!
June 4th: Slutty Bitch is Single
June 5th: I miss him so much! :'(

......... No one cares -_-
Stop your bitching.
I hate this generation and I'm extremely tempted to delete Facebook all together. I'm really not dependent on it like everyone else is. I don't spend my Saturday night playing Farmville -_- I'm not even saying I'm cool and all I do is party. I spend my days/nights Skating and listening to music. No one has parties in the mountains, that's one thing I hate about living here. There is absolutely nothing to do except the school sluts. I guess I got the bad end of this deal because unlike other guys, I find sluts to be repulsive. -_- It's like "Get the fuck off me, bitch!"  Gah! I'm done with this complaining. 

Next thought. My arm is disintegrating. I got a sunburn and now my skins falling off O.o But only the arm Destany punched -_- If my arm falls off I blame you... :] That'd be pretty insane to only have one arm.. Typing would take forever. That's the first thing I think of? Such a fucking nerd -_-  

I want to rule the world. It would be amazing. 

Scratch that. I just want to set the world on fire. 

I have a reoccurring dream that this guy is trying to kill me. He has a sniper rifle and for some reason he was trying to get into my room. This was the only time I actually woke up and remembered the dream, then I remembered all the other times he tried to kill me, but last night was different. I killed him. Took the gun from his hands and shot him in the head. 

On another note: I want a pony.

I think that's all for my useless rants. Until next time. Goodbye my friends. 

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