Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well, I haven't written in a while so I decided I would.

Today is the first day of summer, it already sucks(: This morning while I was laying in my bed I was deciding the best way of getting to Destany's house in the middle of the night. If I left at 12 I could get there in a few hours (Depending on HOW I get there) adn I wouldn't have to be home until 3ish 'cause my mom works 'til then and my older broher is never home. The only person who would know I was gone is Stevie, but I can pay him not to tell on me.. now I just need some way of getting there...

Random note: I've decided  that sleeping in jeans is lame. Convenient, but lame. So I then decided to start sleeping in my boxers. I bet you're picturing me in my boxers. Just my boxers. O.o Hehehe... =] I guess sleeping in just your boxers could be convenient too.. depends on who's with you. =]

Yesterday was good for the most part. First I had 2 hours in Spanish which kind of sucked a lot. But it's okay. Then I had gym 2 hours in gym which was pretty awesome. I just hung out with Destany, Katie, and Eric while everyone else was in the pool. We played follow the leader and we spun around a lot. =] Then I tried to attack Destany.. Let's just say I ended up with my face in between her legs because things got really wet. ;] No seriously, the grass was wet and I slipped and fell on me arse. She just happened to turn around at that moment. =] Anyway, that was fun. Then Katie and Eric left and Ashlie came over. We laid down on the cement because, well, the grass was wet (As I had found out earlier.) We talked for a while, then Natalya came over and while she was talking to Ashlie I kissed Destany which was actually a pretty rad kiss until the kids behind the fence popped out of no where and started screaming shit. But it's all good. =] Then we all went to the gym and Destany started crying because we're gonna be apart for so long.. Anyway, After class we said good bye to everyone and Destany and I went to the buses the back way because there's no one back there. We said goodbye.

Then school was out, I walked to town with Amy, Bridgette, Forrest, and Ray. I also realized at this point that I still had Destany's headphones so.. yeah. I'll bring them over when I bring over the thing that I made in wood shop for you. =] Anyway, we hung out in town, walked to little Caesars and got a pizza then went to Raley's where I stole Amy a doughnut 'cause I'm cool like that ;] Then we went over to Vons, I found a CVS shopping cart so Forrest pushed me around in it.. through Vons =] It was fun, we kept waving to see how many people would wave back at us. People just looked at us like we're stupid. Especially when I was in the basket.. =] Then I left, my grandma picked me up to get a haircut.

Then I went home and hung out with Stevie for a while until my mom got home. She asked me if I wanted to go to the graduation for YHS because Gretchen (Nick's [my brother] girlfriend) gave us some tickets.I said sure why not. I got there and hung out with Eric, Katie, Jackie, and Natalya. That was pretty fun. I was taking pictures of random people. =] Everything was cool until someone pointed out Austin was sitting across from us.. I thought I could be okay around him, but every time I see him I see the guy I almost lost Destany too. The guy that she almost left me for. The guy that's probably better for than me. The guy that she should probably be with. But it's okay. I guess it'll just take some more time.

Then we went home. I must say though, I worry myself sometimes. On the way home I unconsciously told my mom that Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy is hot.. I didn't even realize there was anything weird about that until my mom asked if I like guys.. O.o So, I just thought I'd share that bit of information with you people.

Have a great life, I'll see ya 'round.

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