Sunday, June 5, 2011

I've been waiting for something for so long to show me the answers that I want. A reason to believe in that's so strong, but I don't think that it exists.

I wrote this speech for my English final, I'm going to present it tomorrow to the class.

Hello, I'm Jacob and I'll be talking about creationism and why I'm against it, basically why I don't believe in God.

First and foremost it's because of all the useless pain and suffering in the world. I mean we watch the news and see rapist and child molesters taking victims everyday. I hear kids walking around saying things like "I'm gonna rape you" and laughing about it, but it's not funny. 683,000 forced rapes happen every year which if you do the math comes out to 1,871 every day, 78 every hour and about 1 every minute. So where's your God then? Where's your God when kid's are being beaten by their parents, when kids resort to self-mutilation such as cutting and burning, when kids commit suicide because the pain became too much to handle, when kids become bulimic and anorexic. Where's your god then?

Another reason I don't believe is because of all the disease in the world. If God was really as righteous and caring as you make him out to be then wouldn't he take everyone in a peaceful way? Not torture them with disease like cancer until they're begging for death. And I know not everyone dies from cancer, you may say it's a miracle from God that  they survived, but if it was God then it sounds to me like he was just playing a sick joke on the poor bastard by giving him cancer in the first place.

Alright, when people ask me why I don't believe in God, I say "The questions not why I don't believe in God, but why do you?" You see I've got fact on my side, you just have faith. Everyday scientist find facts that further prove the theory of evolution with the use of fossils and carbon dating, However creationism is based on just fact. The only way you can prove God exists is if he comes down here himself and says "Hey guys what's up, I exist" and we all go off and have a cocktail party with him. But that will never happen. My point is, is doesn't matter how many people believe in God, it still doesn't prove his existence. I mean, what's more reasonable to believe in, fact or faith?

You see, people believe in God and do good things because they're afraid if they don't they will go to Hell. Well, the difference between you and me is I do good things and don't expect anything in return, you do good things to get into Heaven. You won't go to Hell if you don't do good things, but do them anyway 'cause it's not gonna hurt.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with faith because there isn't. Not until it starts affecting others. You can't reject a member of society because of their sexuality or because they don't share your beliefs. I mean you can't hate someone for who they are, Your God made them that way, right? My point is faith can be dangerous. In fact, Richard Dawkins once said "It is fashionable to wax apocalyptic about thrreats to humanity posed by the AIDS Virus, Mad Cow Disease, and many others, but I believe a case can be made that faith is one of the world's great evils, comparable to the small pox disease, but harder to eradicate." What he's saying is faith is as dangerous as  Small Pox, it's just harder to get rid of.

So tell me, why doesn't  your God step up and stop all this pain and suffering, all the agony that comes from disease, all the discrimination in our society? My best guess: Your God doesn't exist.

- Jacob Schumaker

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