Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kids with guns. Kids with guns. Taking over. It won't be long.

I had the best dream last night =D

Okay, okay. So, here's how it went. I was back in school and everyone was heading to the buses because school just ended. The buses are all lined up and I was standing behind the back one. I don't know why but I was completely psychotic. I had a gun and as everyone was walking toward my bus I was shooting them. Well, the ones who looked at me funny and the ones I didn't like. The were all dying. But in my dreams I jump from place to place randomly. All of a sudden I was being chased by people and I thought I ran out of ammo but I didn't because I shot them all. Then I saw J.R. and Justice (2 kid's from my school who I hate) I shot them both as I ran by. Then I was looking down at a big group of people as I ran by and I shot the ones I didn't like in the face. So much blood. Then I made it back to the bus. All my friends were on it. So. Blake and Destany. I was looking out the window of the first seat, behind the drivers. As everyone was running toward my bus I was just killing them all. Letting some go by. The ones who got by stood in a group outside the bus door and I didn't care about them, they weren't bothering me. I just kept shooting everyone I didn't like and watching them bleed out, watching their heads explode like fireworks. I quite enjoyed it.. I woke up happy.

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