Friday, November 12, 2010


I somehow find a state of bliss
in eternal emptiness.
Forevermore alone.
My heart, I condone.
Look into my eyes
and see darkness and lies.
Inflicting themselves

inside my mind.
If you seek my truth
It's living its youth.
Not much to find
but a tattered soul from a world unkind.
Living this life

and holding this knife,
Tight in my hand
searching for this perfect land.
Where happiness flies

and sorrow dies.
It's a land that you see,
but it's a land of myth to me.
Tis a story of fiction,
but this world is your addiction.
So you create a transparent image.
But I find truth when I feel these ridges.

Reality is what I see.
Not these lies hosted to me.
You invited me to a world of dreams,
but i'm more content in my world of screams.
Someday your world will fall apart
and you will be left with a broken heart.
Bleeding out into the night
falling away from the bright light.
You finally see the failure in your success.
When you're lying down here with the rest of us.

Decompose into the ground.
You're another lost soul never to be found.
Wishing for nothing more but to break free.
You wanted me to be what you couldn't be.
I was never the perfect child,
which is why I've always been exiled.
Pushed aside to an alley of lies
Watching hopelessly as everyone dies.
I was never the perfect son
I always wanted to run.
Free myself from your grip
Get away from the your sickening guilt trip.
Fight my way through your rules.
Watch you use people like fools.
I won't fall a victim or break down and cry.
I will live heartless, I will steal and I will lie.
I promise, I will rebel.
I promise my soul, I will sell.
Life began
as the Devil's workman.
Slaving through the night.
Making you shiver while causing a fright.
Making you cry
and want nothing more but to die.
I will shatter your soul
and burn you like coal.
Until you can see
what it's like to be me.
With a state of mind
impossible to find.
Living a life of  pain and agony.
Watching every bitter causality.
Looking through my eyes you will see

this is a world lived in by only me.
And while running around in all of this
I somehow find a state of bliss.

- Jacob Schumaker

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