Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Interesting thought, death is. What happens when we die? After our hearts stop beating where do we go? What do you think happens? What do you want to happen? Questions never to be answered because unfortunately dead people can't talk, which makes it very hard to argue with them. Anyway, I'm going to write my thoughts precisely because, well, this is a blog about my thoughts, my life, my mind, etc... So, what I THINK happens when we die; I believe it's as if we go to sleep, a very deep sleep but the only difference is we never wake up. It's like a dreamless night of deep sleep without the awakening, Just. Simply. Dead. It's rather sad but that is what I believe thinking in logical terms. Now, what I WANT to happen when death parts is I want there to be an afterlife. In this life there will be everyone you want to be there and it will be in a world however you want it to be. As if you're living in your greatest dream, your favorite fantasy, your wishes and hopes become true at last and everything is perfect. Thats just one theory, it's far from logical or realistic but it's a nice thought. Everything you want to happen just happens and life is the way you always wanted it to be. Another theory is a theory based upon the thoughts and beliefs of the Mexican holiday, Dia De Los Muertos; these beliefs are that of which you spend your life as best you can, get married basically. Then, when death comes your way, you spend the afterlife with the one you married, the one you love and you are forever together in a world made for the two of you. Again, not a bad thought, not logical, but it would be nice. So, what are your thoughts on death?

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