Sunday, November 21, 2010

-Soul Seeker-

Soul seeker did you find your dream?
Did you find a love that restitched every seem?
Is this what you were looking for,
A slow beating heart bleeding out on the floor?

I never understood
Why someone ever would
See a broken down door and walk right in.
Stealing away my broken, bleeding heart of sin.

Looking into your eyes
I take off this disguise
and you accept me for who I am.
You don't disregard, nor condemn.

I will never know why you wanted this empty heart.
It's dying, cracking and falling apart.
But you saw through the darkness
and showed me complete bliss and happiness.

So thank you for stealing away my empty soul.
This dark, dying black hole.
Thank you for taking me away
and showing me a brighter day.

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