Tuesday, November 16, 2010


To Destany.

Your eyes were dimmed, as if two dying stars.
Darkness, shines through all of your scars.
Trapped, behind these cold steel bars.
Your heart refined, locked in your arms.

Comes a hand from the darkest of night.

With fear you grasp and hold on tight.
It's a beautiful sight
and for once it feels right.

You stole my heart, my love.
And it's you I always think of.
Ever since you fell from above,
as if a lost broken winged dove.

With open arms I caught.
This life once thought.
This dream once sought.
This world untaught.

Now these arms they hold,
A broken heart of gold.
Sorrowful and cold,
the silent tears rolled.

This dark heart of deep blue.
I restored as if new.
So through the stars we flew.
Forever meant to be me and you.

And now, your eyes are bright, as if two shining stars.
Darkness hides under all of your faded scars.
Freed from the cold steel bars.
Your heart found and safe in my arms.

-Jacob Schumaker

..I will always love you. <3

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  1. I will always love you too Jacob. Thank you so much.