Sunday, November 14, 2010

-Knives and Blades-

Knives and blades
they cut my veins.
I lose control, 

I'm no longer sane.

I try to tame

this addicting pain
but it's a drug
I can't refrain.

Again and again
I cut the skin
Free myself
from the darkness within.

These urges they fill my head.
flooding my arm, staining red.
I am hopeless. I am lost.

I am better off dead.

But the fear begins 
My mind, it sends
an image of your tears
and my insanity ends.

You're disappointed,
broken hearted.
Relieved inside
that death never parted.

Then we promised,
It was simple and honest.
No more cutting.
It's for the best.

I can do this for you.
The challenges we knew.
Just hold me close,
and we can make it through.

The nights may feel darker
The knives may look sharper.
But we can't fall to temptation.
We can't fall in deeper.

These cuts will slowly fade away.
And we will find a day,
with just you and me,
living in someday.

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