Friday, November 12, 2010

Sophomore year

     Sophomore year. If I could only say one thing about sophomore year it would be that this is hands down the best year of my life because this is the year I met Destany on August 30th. Before this the year was rather boring and repetitive. Then came August 30th, it was 7th period. We were all in the gym just hanging out I'm pretty sure we were playing dodge ball. So anyway, there I was sitting innocently when the most beautiful girl in the room decides to randomly say hi to me.... if you haven't guessed already that girl was Destany. So thats when we met, and thats when my life started to change in a very good way. I started eating lunch with her over with her friends. This is when I met everyone, like Amy, Allison, Danielle, Kailyn, Samantha, Angelina, Gabe, Robert, and some other people as well. Now I started hanging out with them more often, and with them I just felt like I belonged there. Unfortunately one day Jake (The same one from 8th grade) followed me over there and started to everyday after that. So when I said "Why do you have to follow me over here everyday?" his exact words to me were "Because you have hot friends." He didn't like these people because of who they are he like them because he thinks they're hot. Thats the only reason he hung out over there. He finally left after getting rejected by Amy and being hated by everyone for almost faking suicide to scare them... he was never really suicidal.
   It didn't take long, a matter of days before I fell in love with Destany. I told her I loved her on September 4th... correct me if I'm wrong but i'm pretty sure that was the date. She didn't say she loved me back. Her response was "I don't know how to reply to that" At the time I felt like I had fallen and I couldn't catch myself. I was rather upset, but I was used to rejection from the world.... I was just never used to rejection from someone you love because she is the only person I've ever loved so it hurt when she didn't say it back, but eventually she did. =] Time went on and it felt like forever, but I knew she was worth waiting for, worth fighting for and I knew it from the start. =) Currently we are happily in love but forbidden to be together, To sum up our story just read Romeo and Juliet then take out the suicide at the end. Thats pretty much how things are. Torn apart by parents yet still close. I love her more than anything and I could never let her go.

    Thats really all there is to Sophomore year, she changed my life, made me a completely different person... in a good way of course. My best friend would have to be Blake. He is really cool because he literally doesn't care about anything or anyone. He has never had a crush on anyone and he isn't gay. He just has no feelings which in turn makes him pretty awesome. =) So him and Destany of course are my 2 best friends. Thats sophomore year so far.

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