Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's a terrible feeling. I hate it more than I hate anything else, yet I can't let go of it. This feeling of complete bliss whenever i'm with you, I've never felt anything like it. I hate it. The way I completely forget about the rest of the world when we kiss, it's amazing. I hate it. But if there is one truly amazing thing about this feeling it's that even though I hate it, I never want it to end.. because now that I've felt it, taking it away would be like taking way the only thing in my life that matters. I guess thats why I hate the feeling of love so much, it took over my life and i'm afraid to lose it. I hate being afraid and this feeling, this love, makes me very scared because I'm very very afraid i'm going to lose it. I'm afraid i'm going to lose you..

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