Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy spider ant things!

Okay, to keep my blog from becoming boring with the 30 day things I decided to write an actual update completely irrelevant to the 30 day stuffs. So there I was, skating down my street when I decided to start skating on my neighbors driveway. Now mind you I had headphones in at the time so I couldn't hear a thing. Then all of a sudden I look up and see her walking down her driveway. I freak out and jump down the hill that goes to my house. .  . I got stuck in between the ground and a tree but I was hidden so thats all that mattered. After about 2 minutes of laying there waiting for it to be clear I realize i'm getting bit everywhere. I look down and see red and black spider ant things. You know what i'm talking about? They were everywhere and I couldn't move or scream because my neighbor was still out there. So there I was, stuck under a tree, skate board in hand being attacked by hundreds of ants and being unable to move. I finally crawled under the tree by moving some branches and ran home like Satan was after me with a pitchfork and some pancakes, which are, for your information, completely inferior to waffles. But I made it home and haven't seen her since. : )

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