Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 21

Well, Dest is already on day 22 so I figured I should catch up to at least to day 21.

Day 21: What do you look for in a girl.

Hmm.. Well, to start, I find whores/sluts repulsive. Such vulgar people I would never date, but I guess thats something that I don't like rather than I do like/look for. So here it goes, things I like, look for, and/or am attracted to. Obviously, I look for someone who I have a lot in common with, like Destany. Someone with a good taste in music most definitely. I really love a girl with a punk influence as opposed to a preppy bitch, punk girls kick ass(: Umm, as for hair, honestly, I like red heads. Not even kidding(: If I had to choose between short and long hair, I'd pick short hair, but it doesn't really matter. People should do what they want. I think glasses are pretty rad too, always have(: But in all honesty, when it comes down to it. I just want to be with someone who makes me happy and is happy being with me, someone who honestly cares about me, someone who I get along with, someone that I love, someone by the name of Destany Caywood(: The rest doesn't really matter. I know it sounds cliche, but it's what's on the inside that counts.(And for the record, that's not a sexual innuendo.) =]

Day 21: A photo of something that makes you happy.

Okay, If you're an awesome person, and you watch The Mighty Boosh, then you will understand. I really have no further explanation, but I'm thinking about making a "The Mighty Boosh" tab on my blog, up with the "About Me" "Music Videos" and the "Waffles" tab. In fact, I most definitely will. So look forward to it, and visit it when it's done. Should be ready by tomorrow. That's how nerdy I am(:

On another note: Take care everyone(:

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