Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blog?

So I've been thinking about creating a new blog about high school in general. The hardships of it all, the friends we make, but most of all the relentless fun we have rebelling against everything and getting in trouble. I'd make it public of course. Can you make a blog open so that anyone can post on it? That'd be great cause once it gains followers (If it gains followers) people could write about the shit they did with their friends (Or the shit they are doing right now) The fun they had and the crazy ass stories that give you a laugh and make you think to yourself "We were such crazy bastards back then." 

The idea of the blog came while I was reading Blue Monday by Chynna Clugston my much loved and missed cousin. So I must thank you for the inspiration even though it wasn't given deliberatively. I figured it'd be pretty rad to start a blog or discussion rather about high school in general. Am I doing this for ideas on what kind of truoble to get into? Partly. But ignore that. Good idea or bad idea? You decide. 

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