Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 8

Day 8: Describe your perfect date.
Well, I already did this in the other one a few days ago, but how about I write a different perfect date? I think yes(:

Okay, this time we'll go to the store and buy a big bag of skittles. Then, we will walk to a cemetery. A big cemetery. A gigantic cemetery. A vast cemetery with thousands of head stones and no people. We would be alone and it will be night time. First we will walk through the aisles of the cemetery hand in hand. There will be a trillion stars in the sky and we will end up laying there all night laughing, talking, and eating skittles. =] It will be perfect. And when we get tired of looking at the stars, it will start to rain. And during all of this music will be playing out no where, like in the movies. The songs will fit whatever mood we're in at the time and everything will be perfect. =]

Day 8:  A song to match your mood.
I wish there were more riots in Oakhurst. =]

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