Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ow My Face.

Well, I just took a bottle to the face. Thank you Stevie, my wonderful little brother. . . We have been getting along since the weather has been clearing up because we've been going out and skating so we have been getting along just fine until today. He changed his personality again ( Curse you Gemini's!!! ) Anyway, he started being a dick again today. Then we had a bottle fight, which sounds cool but really it's just throwing bottles at each other. It was all in good fun until I said "I'm done" and retreated to my room where I proceeded to draw. Then he came in and threw a bottle at me. I told him not to come in my room and that i'm done. Later he did it again only this time it hit me in the face and fucked up my braces ( Guess I shouldn't have showed him how to make it hurt when you throw it at someone ) I then halfway fell off my chair, which broke it. Then my hand hit my bulletin bored knocking it off the wall and my mouth hurt like hell. . . I lashed out. Screamed at him, cussed at him. God dammit I can't do that. I have anger issues that I need to work on. Thats one thing about myself that I hate. Fuck I just realized I have a fat lip. Anyway, I apologized and all that jazz but he is still being pissy about it. Shouldn't I be mad as opposed to him? Whatever i'm over it. I'm more mad at myself now than I am at him. Well, my mom should be home soon and i'm still grounded so, see ya for now.

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