Wednesday, April 20, 2011

-Day 7-

Day 7: If you were stranded on an island, who would be with you and what limited 10 items would you have?

If I were stranded on an island and could only be there with one person it would be Destany, honestly. I choose her for many reasons, one because we have the most in common so we would obviously get along. Two, because if we were the only ones on the island (With exceptions to the occasional flying zebra giraffe) it would take away the only bad part in our relationship: Jealousy. Three, we would finally be on our own; living together, having kids, and just being with each other. We're never alone because our relationship is pretty much confined to school right now which kind of sucks. . I take that back, it really sucks and if there was one thing I could change; one wish to make, thats what I would change. Being on an island can really suck, but being on an island with Destany, well, that would be pretty rad. : )

As for the items. . .

  1. iPod with unlimited battery and all our favorite songs.
  2. A roller rink (With skates!)
  3. An abandon civilization, that way you have all the buildings without the people. =]
  4. A unicorn
  5. A magic waffle maker that makes the best waffles ever.
  6. Books
  7. Pencils & Paper
  8. Clothing
  9. Food
  10. Drugs!

Day 7: Your dream wedding.

Well, in my eyes the perfect wedding has no fancy dresses, no big lights, not all expensive, just simple. The perfect wedding in my opinion is just a party where only our closest friends and family are invited to celebrate me and Destany getting married, because in the end thats right where I want to be; where i'm meant to be; where we're meant to be. As for our wedding I want everyone to dress up like zombies because that would be really rad. I want to get married in a cemetery under the falling rain. Destany would be wearing a torn up black dress and I would be in a torn up tuxedo. I think it would be pretty rad to have a piƱata, but it's been done. Thats what my cousins did. It was a giant pumpkin full of candy and bouncy balls, pretty sweet. Anyway, I think I just about covered the wedding, now on to the honeymoon! We shall be in a hotel room with a hot tub, or two so I don't have to get cooties by sharing one. ; ) Just kidding : ) We shall have a hot tub and we will watch Tim Burton movies all night long. It will be the bestest honeymoon ever! I can't wait. : )  



  2. Of course you do, love. All girls do. Icky girls!! =D