Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 11

Day 11: What's in your makeup bag?

Must I do this one?

Day 11: Write a letter to your girlfriend.

Dear my beloved Destany,

How do you do? I must say, I miss you dearly. They're shipping me off to the 7th circle of Hell next week, I don't know what to expect. Satan keeps throwing dead guys at me, it was funny at first but a joke gets old, you know? 
How's everyone on the Earth? I know you're having an affair with the lemur, but it's quite alright. I'm dead now, I'm just glad you've moved on. This place is like Hell without you. . . oh wait. . it really is Hell. Anyway, I'm getting used to the heat, it's not so bad anymore. My skin is starting to come back. That first week was hell, I got so many burns. No pun intended. . Okay, there was a pun intended it just wasn't very good. 
I'm quite lonely without you and I miss you terribly. When I died I left half of myself up on Earth. That other half being you, love. I guess you don't ever realize what you really had until it's gone. I'm sorry if I ever took you for granted or pushed you aside, I was blind and naive. If I had one more day to live, I would spend that day with you and I would fix every mistake I ever made. I guess this is just my apology for anything I ever did to hurt you. . I'm sorry.
I have to say goodbye now, Satan is getting the box of dead guys out and. . . Oh my god. . HE'S THROWING FUCKING TOASTERS!!! I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!!

- Jacob : )

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