Sunday, May 8, 2011

100th Post!!!

This is the 100th post on my blog so I decided it should be totally epic, so I'm gonna write a story!

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a boy named Kevin Sockmaker(: he was just a lonely punk kid who didn't know his place in his world. He was always getting picked on and acted like he just didn't give a shit, but deep down he was rotting away. You see, everyone has an insane garden gnome inside them, but the gnome is confined with bars. Every time you get hurt it directly penetrates the bars, and one day the gnome could break free and when that happens all hell breaks loose with it. Anyway, he was in gym one day and a random girl decided to say hi to him. Her name was Malory Rayne. They started talking after that, she invited him to lunch with her and they became really good friends. Kevin was falling in love, but he didn't want to admit it. You see he was afraid of love, because he knew you always end up getting hurt and every time you get hurt the bars start to corrode. Kevin was afraid of the damn garden gnome. So he lied to himself until he couldn't lie anymore. He had fallen in love and he knew he couldn't lose her because life without her wouldn't be a life worth living. 

About a month later they went to a... party. Yeah, it was a big party with a lot of people. Malory was there with her new boyfriend, which sadly, wasn't Kevin. It was actually someone by the name of Richard, but I call him Dick(: Kevin was quite upset and couldn't stand to see them together, so he smiled and laughed like everything was great. The party went on and a few hours later the parents came home, Kevin, Malory, and Dick all got kicked out with some of their other friends. But during that night, Malory realized that she really didn't love Dick like she used to. Her heart lay not in his hands, but in Kevin's. 

Time went on and eventually Malory and Kevin got together. They went on their first date, it was a Winter Formal dance. They talked to their friends, danced, and kissed once or twice... maybe a little more(: The years went by and when they got out of high school they got married. 

Now, Kevin and Malory live in a house at the top of a hill in the middle of a haunted cemetery. Their house is made of skittles and it always rains upon them. They have 5 cats, Miles, Mystery, Snow, Sabbath, and Ni-Chi. They have a skunk, Buford, a spider named Boris, and a bull dog who's name you can't know because well honestly I don't know yet(: They also have a son named Dezmond. He is a punk rock baby born into the weirdest family you could ever think of, but it's the best family anyone could ask for(: 

The End!


  1. I focking love you. I just do. Thank you. Carry on now. The end.

  2. Why, that wasn't about us. It was about Kevin and Malory. =]

  3. I never said it was about us(:

  4. Good point. =] Wanna know a secret? =]