Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your heart beats double time, one more kiss and you'll be mine.

So, the title really has no connection to the post, but yeah.
I've come up with a series of question, ANSWER THEM!

1. If you had to cut off a part of your body, what would it be? (not trying to be dirty=P)
My face. It'd be rad walking around with no face. =D

2. If you had to bite Mrs. Sebastian, where would it be?
Her fucking brain.

3. Okay, so by mistake, someone sends a hooker to your house. She's all paid for for.. say... 4 hours, and she wont leave until her time s up. What do you do?
I give her Blakes address and laugh my ass off. =D

4. Okay, I gotta ask, Zombie or Survivor?
Zombie most definitely. =D

5. There are 6 people left in the entire world, and you get to pick who these people are, who survives?
Destany Schumaker, Malory Rayne Schumaker, Dezmond (Middle name here) Schumaker, Uhhh, Blake, and my Cousins Jon and Chynna.

6. A tornado kills your entire family and destroys your home, and even carries you to... Oaklahoma? What do you do?
Hitchhike my way to your place.

8. You can only listen to 2 songs for the rest of your life. What songs do you choose?
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode & End Of A Century - Blur

9. A kitten attacks you, it's either cut the kitten's head off, or bite through your arm... What's it gonna be?
Which arm? Seriously right arm I;d bite off, left arm I'd regrettably cut the head.

10. Fuck, kill, marry, Avril Lavigne, mee, and Katie.
I'd marry you and kill the rest of the world(:

The end(: I love youu.               I love you too(:

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