Monday, May 23, 2011

If you could be my punk rock princess, I would be your garage band king. =]

I decided to write about today because well, today was pretty epic. I almost had a heart attack, almost killed Destany and had a lot of fun while doing it. =]

The day started off rather normal, I got ready, got on the bus and headed off to school. When I got there I went straight over to Destany as always and found that she was wearing some new cloths that she bought on Saturday and holy shit I almost died. No joke, she looked epic. You're beautiful darling. Anyway, we hung out on the bridge for a while until the bell rang then I walked her to class as always. We talked there for a while and then I had to go to my class before the bell rang because well I have about a thousand tardies in that class. I made it on time (barely) and then we started taking notes. Well, the rest of the class took notes, I WROTE a note. To Destany of course. Who else would I write a note to? I have no friends =D Anyway, I wrote a relatively long note about nonsense as far as I know. I don't quite remember all that I wrote.

After that I went to wood shop which I was late to because I talked to Destany and Katie before class like I always do. I walked in wood shop as he called my name for role. Like always. Then I worked on a super secret project that I plan on giving to Destany unless it looks like a TOTAL piece of shit. =] I know it's gonna suck, but I hope she likes it. At least a little bit. =]

After that I went to English, after talking to Destany again of course. =] English was boring, we just took notes on our final. Which the first half of is due tomorrow and I haven't started. How hard is 2 9 paragraph analysis essays gonna be?

Then came Geometry, though before geometry I once again talked to Destany. I didn't pay attention in that class. I got a headache and laid down on the ground. The bitch we have for a teacher never noticed =]

Then Spanish. I walked Destany half way to her class and pushed her down the stairs. But don't worry, I kissed her to make up for it. =] Spanish was cool, we just reviewed for the final.

Then lunch. Lunch was quite interesting, I tried dragging Dez to the river and I almost got her there, but she turned back. I'll get her one of these times =] I ended up closing my eyes and letting her lead the way, she almost let me get hit by a golf cart. =] We got yelled at for being where we weren't suppose to and then went behind Ansel Adams where we.. talked? I guess we kind of talked, but not really =] That's when she almost gave me a heart attack. I closed my eyes and she kissed me. My heart stopped, I got butterflies.. It was amazing. =]

Then the bell rang and I went to History where I hung out with Blake and Peter and Triston. I told Triston I was going to buy him an iPod for his birthday.. he said he felt bad for whatever he did. I told him not to feel bad and he said he was going to get me back. In other words he's going to get me something... my guess is pot. =]

Then gym, gym was rather normal. We hung out and walked laps. I talked to Destany the whole time and made her spin and twirl. She's almost as gay as me. ;] I kid I kid, then after gym I almost threw her over the fence when I was kissing her. But I wouldn't drop her if my life depended on it. I love you Destany.

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