Friday, May 27, 2011

Up on melancholy hill.

I realize now that I really have no friends. I was just thinking tomorrow is gonna suck because Destany can't come over and Blake is going to Fresno. They're the only people I'd want to be in my house, They're the only people I'm friends with. They're the only people I can stand to be around. I don't mind Katie, but I barely know Katie. I have no one. When did that happen? I hate realizations.

I was really looking forward to tomorrow with Destany. I had it all planned out. That was my first mistake. I was gonna take her for a ride in the dune buggy around the property. I planned on playing guitar for her. I just attempted to play The Mortician's Daughter on my first guitar which happens to be a tiny ukulele sized acoustic guitar. My good acoustic guitar has a recently broken string. One of my electric guitars has no strings and even if it did it wouldn't matter because I just broke the cord you need to plug it into the amp. So I practiced playing on my tiny First Act guitar. It may not have sounded good, but I was gonna sing to her. I figured after that we'd watch a movie. I have a DVD player in my room so we cold have hung out in my dark room, chilling on the bed/couch thingy and watched Tim Burton movies.. Then I probably would have kissed her at some point during the movie. It would have been fun. But whatever. There's really no point in talking about it because there's no use anymore. Maybe i'll make a wish in 8 minutes. It'll be 11:11. Maybe it will come true. Who knows? Either way I'm sure there will be other parties. There has to be. Right? I hate being under age. Life is so much harder. I want to go forward. Get out of here. Go to San Diego or San Fran. Just somewhere. Anywhere. Get me away. Whatever. I'm over it. Honestly. Bye.

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