Friday, May 27, 2011

Please come now, I think I'm falling. I'm holding on to all I think is safe.

So, I went to get a shot today and I figured my mom would take me somewhere trust worthy at least. But no, she pulls up to a motor home that's called "Health on Wheels" ... pretty shady if you ask me, but whatever. I walk in and they said get in, so I asked "Are you going to kidnap me?? Do you at least have candy?" Turns out they did. Anyways, We got in and they had us sit down on the bench thingy. They took my little brother first, then me. For some unknown reason they made us turn our heads before they injected us. Weired, right? I think they injected me with something else.. I bled black blood. What the fuck?? And on top of that they didn't even flick the needle! Now I've been injected with air bubbles and I'm gonna fucking die because my mom wanted to get me a free shot. >=[ Yes, that's right, it was free. I know because she told me afterwards. This was right before she read off the side affects. ugh, it was terrible. So, if I die at some point in the next few days or so, I just want you to know that you all suck and I'll see you in Hell for a big party. Have a good life.

 - Jacob. =]

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