Friday, May 20, 2011

Bad kids, all my friends are bad kids. Product of no dad kids. Kids like you and me.

Grr.. I really hate doing the right thing.. It makes my stomach hurt and makes me feel like I'm going to puke. =\ Today, One of my best friend's, Triston, Stole one of my other Somewhat of a friend's iPod. We all got held in the library and after about 5 minutes they let us go because no one fessed up (Some system, right?) Anyway, Triston and I walked out the back door and he said "You wanna hold this for me until lunch?" I of course said Yes and took it. I wanted to give it back to Triston.. but I gave it to Destany.. she did the 'right' thing and gave it back to Chyanne. I stabbed Triston in the back and I'm never going to forgive myself. Then I made it worse by lying to him about what happened.. I'm a terrible friend. God dammit I should have just given it back.. It wasn't my place to 'fix' things.. Now I've lost one of my best friends and there's nothing I could do about it. If I could redo it all I would. If I could redo it I would do it like this.. While we were in the library I would tell him to take my bag to his next class. I'd get up and run like hell out the back door. The cart Nazi would chase me down and when he eventually got me they would search me and find nothing. Mean while everyone in the library would have been released. Triston would have got the iPod and we'd still be friends. But no. Not anymore. I fucked up and betrayed him. He trusted me when he gave that to me and I betrayed him. He'll never trust me again.. never like me again.. I plan on buying him an iPod with the money I make over summer. I'm gonna get a job. I'll get him an iPod because, well, I owe him one. I know you're not going to read this but I'm sorry, Triston. I'll make it up to you someday.

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