Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello good people. I;'m not gonna lie to you, I'm a little drunk right now. Tequila is my best friend and if you wanna judge me for that well you can kiss me arse! I have no point to posting right now there is really no reason. I just wanted to tell you all I love you!!! you guys are the bestest. I'm pretty sure only one person will read thius but thats okay because she is the one i REALLY love more than the world and stars and midgets! So if you're reading this I LOVE YOU! Now to all the rest of you, suck a fucking waffle. WHy? Because waffles are fucking epic, bitches! So, take some time, buy a waffle or two, and suck it till you can't suck no more. Get on a train, go to England, eat the queen, listen to the Sex Pistols and come back because that's all there really is to life. Have a little fun and die. That's what life is all about mother fuckers!!!! so, like I said, go to england drink some tea, start some riots and eat a dirty vanilla cupcake. no wait! I take that back, she's mine so if you eat her i'll HAVE to slit your throat. And i just don't want to do that right now. So all you fuckers, have a good night, i'm out of here. 


  1. I love you so much, even when you're shit faced and wasted as fuck(:

  2. That's funny I love you when I AM shit face and wasted as fuck! =D