Friday, May 20, 2011

Walk like a zombie.

I is in the library. I'm suppose to be doing something but I'm not entirely sure what that is at the moment. My mom got more captain morgan's so I made a drink this morning. It's not a real strong alcohol like tequila but I'm feeling great. I'm not drunk because I can still walk for the most part. I'm just happy happy HAPPY! I texteded Donaven yesterday and I think I was mean to him. I called him a nieve repulsive twat amonst other things I really don't remember. I should re read those messages. I was scared.  I thouhgt Destany would be mad at me because of how mean I was to him, but she wasn't. I love that girl so much. I'm thinking about leaving or texting Katie and telling her to tell Destany to ask to go to the bathroom but then wmeet me some where because I'm in the liberary. I LOVE THIS SONG! How Soon Is Now? By Morrissey. Epic song. See, I'm not real drunk, I can still type correctly for the most part. Not too many typos. I'm still of a sound mind.. well soundish. =] I'm taking a blodd test after school which probably isn't good. I'm just gonna get on the bus and say I forgot about it then wait a while before I go take it. I'd be in so much trouble if my test showed up with alcohol. I'd get my phone taken away.. again. I have a funny habbit of doing that. People are giving me a paper to some religious event. I could't read AND interpret it because well i'm slightly intoxicated at the moment. So they tried explaining it to me. When I still didn't get it they started talkign to me like I'm a five year old. He said "Try being an atheist after you go to this" I said I garentee I will be =] So HA! I don't know why I'm laughing. I wish I had a rocket. I'd fly to the moon. The world is suppose to end tomorrow, I'm thinking about going to Dez's house at 3 a.m. =D I can't do that though I'd probably get kidnapped or hit by a car or shot or found by Donaven which would mean I would be then forced to shove my foot up his ass. I just don't wanna do that. He said I couldn't win a fight with him. FUCK YOU DONAVEN! I could kick your ass on any day of the mudder fuckin' week. Especially Tuesday! Ha "Mudder fuckin'" I sound black =] I don't know what else to write so, bye bye. And remember. Keep walkin' like a zombie! BYE!

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