Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 28: A picture of you from last year, a picture of you now and how you have changed.

This is me with a horse riding helmet on... not riding a horse. =]

This is Destany and I in the gym. I don't remember this being taken. D=

I've changed a lot since last year. Not so much physically (aside from a better haircut, a lot of weight loss, and new glasses) But more mentally. I was always getting into fights last year, everyone hated me. Everyone still hates me, but I'm not almost fighting everyday. I know this was because of Destany. Before I met her, I really had nothing to lose. I would just go off every time someone called me a "fag" or deliberately threw something at me. I would go off, grab 'em by the shirt and wait for them to throw the first punch... No one ever did. I'm glad i'm not like that anymore, really. If I were still like that I know I would have been in juvy by now because people have hit me this year. And if it had happened before I had Destany I would have had my fist in his face and my foot up his ass.  But, I couldn't stand the consequence. I wouldn't be able to see Destany for a while once I got thrown in with all the other delinquents (where I probably should be =\) I couldn't stand not being able to hold her or kiss her or talk to her. I'd miss her. Plus I don't want her to see me like that. And I don't want her to see me dead either which would have happened if I fought Jake Wheeler. She stopped that too. Basically, this year I'm much happier. I'm actually just happy in general. I'm in love, which is all new to me, I have the most beautiful, amazing girlfriend anyone could ask for. (My first and only girlfriend so that too is new for me) and I'm not confined in the prison I had made for myself anymore. I'm me. And nothing will every change that. So Destany, thank you for showing me who I am and loving me no matter how dorky or idiotic I may be(: I will always love you because you'll always be my dirty vainilla tortita.   ...But I still have to eat you. =D

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